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Intercontinental Resort, 

Sanya China






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Located on Hainan Island, China, the project site is situated on a beach front lot with direct access to the sea.A luxurious resort destination, this beautiful site is anchored by a 5+ star hotel along with an adjoining service apartment building, a destination spa, an in-ground aquarium, a specialty restaurant, and rental and saleable villas, all with unobstructed views of the sea.

My design strategy is to position the hotel and apartment building so all guests will have unimpeded views regardless of future development. The design is inspired by the auspicious Chinese symbol of carp jumpinginto the dragon gate. Two sets of scenic glass elevator towers frame the gate. The undulating curves of thegrand lobby are like waves of the sea carrying the rushing fish, embraced by the open arms of the guest floor wings.


Complete Hotel Facade Design, Involved in planning design process


80,370 sm



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