Sheraton Diging Resort, 

Shangri-la China







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The site for Sheraton Diqing resort is located in the Yunnan Province of south-west China. Recently declared to be the original ‘Shangri-La’, Diqing is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty of the “Meili” snow mountain and the rich cultural heritage of the “Tubo” tribe.
The design concept of Sheraton Diqing is based on the timeless typology of Tibetan “courtyard” houses, with special attention paid to the symbolism, aesthetics and details of Tibetan architecture. The architectural iconography is Tibetan yet distilled to its essential principles and reinterpreted in modern architectural language befitting for the 21st century. The overall scale of the resort is designed to be intimate, friendly and closely connected with nature and the local culture.


Complete Hotel Facade Design, Involved in planning process


39,930 sm


Archilier Architecture


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